What is Vestis.AI about?

It’s about people. The whole idea revolves around people and their needs first and foremost, then the technology. 

What does this mean? Why on earth are we saying this when we’re a tech startup? 

Very simple, behind every tech, behind every smartphone, there exists a human being with a heart, emotions, problems, challenges, colours (eyes, skin, facial hair & hair) and dimensions (height, shape, weight). Of course in our case, the latter two are relevant to the whole project and using AI to improve one’s ability to be well-dressed. 

On another note, the two founders each have over a decade of hands on experience in fashion and computer vision respectively. Both are down to earth and very much themselves. What you see is what you get 🙂

In more practical terms…

Vestis.AI will improve one’s ability to be well-dressed, guaranteed. We shall use the power of artificial intelligence, specifically computer vision, to help people (initially men) improve their clothing combinations. 

How? By delivering the most personal clothing, fashion or style advice using both artificial intelligence and human creativity. Where artificial intelligence fails to deliver, humans step in. Likewise, where humans maybe fail, artificial intelligence steps in to speed up and organise the whole process. 

Artificial intelligence is in no way there to replace human power. On the contrary, or whole idea is to keep humans at the centre of process and use artificial intelligence to assist people. 

Computer Vision

Artificial intelligence can essentially be applied to the 3 key data formats (image/video, text & sound). Clothing is an image business. Computer vision is the obvious choice when it comes to artificial intelligence applied to clothing and fashion. 

Want to become a test user?

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What does the term ‘vestis’ mean?

In latin, this means to robe, to cover, in fabric. Apparently the term ‘wear’ also originates from ‘vestis’. The Italian term ‘vestire’ is probably a variant of such.  

Vestis best sums up the two key elements that are at the heart our project: humans and clothing, add the term ‘AI’, and then it becomes pretty clear what our dream is about: human creativity + artificial intelligence + clothes/fashion.

Clothes without fabric mean nothing, likewise any length of fabric in it’s own right, means nothing. 

It is this creative (and social) process of changing a flat fabric (typically stored in rolls) or a leather hide into a 3D object aka accessory, garment, bag or shoe via colouring, cutting, finishing, fusing, ironing, printing, sewing, streaming and welding. This is what creates fashion. 

Fashion has many a times symbolised change in society, acted as a ‘political tool’ and has been a beacon of diversity and equality. In other words, society and culture are key to the process of forming one’s individual clothing decisions. This is what makes fashion. 

You might think that fashion is that trivial thing called clothes, but rest assured that deep inside each and everyone of us, short or tall, slim or fat, we all want to look good. If not, then why on earth are we walking around in clothes in the first instance?